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Search Engine Optimization

    Every website should have well thought out keywords - words customers use in a buying frame of mind to find your site. We have an algorithm an order to identify the best words for your site and most importantly words that give you a competitive chance.

    2. SEO Content Management Copywriting and Sales Call to Action Messaging

      Based on keyword selection in step 1, we would develop SEO website content into your website with those keywords in step 1; usually with content that is marketing content geared towards converting into sales.

      3. Inbound Link Building

      Inbound and outbound link building will also allow your website to get a lot of traffic from link partners. Most link companies charge $8 per a good reputable link partner; however we charge a fraction of that. A lot of time goes into identifying and emailing prospective link partners one by one with a customized email. We have an algorithm that is used to generate links based on your keywords in step 1.

SEO Advertising Consulting Tips - 10 quick and Easy Tips to get more traffic to your website - Phase 1 (first month of SEOing your website)

SEO takes months, and a lot of learning. Check back often to see what we recommend for phase 2, 3 and 4 of optimizing your website.

My 10 free tips will amaze you, and grow your ROI with Inbound Marketing. It all starts with the right keywords and backlinks to your website.

Here are some facts about SEO Advertising: it can be cheaper and more effective per dollar than outbound marketing (e.g. email blitz), it can increase your web hits by >20% if done correctly, it can pull in the most relevant customers you want to do business with into your website.

Month 1

  • Step 1
    • If you don't already have it, get an analytics software installed that tracks customer keywords hitting your site
    • Analyze your website traffic (for a least 1 month) and see what keywords people are using to find your site
  • Step 2
    • Define the right 10 keywords
      • Mixed with what keywords people are using to find your site, competition keywords, product/service keywords
  • Step 3
    • Code and write your home page site with the right keywords
      • Alt Tags, Image Names, HTML file naming convention, links
      • SEO copywriting
      • Sales call to action messaging to convert "lookers" on your site to "buyers"
  • Step 4
    • Create a sitemap and submit to search engines including Google. Submit it every time a directory name changes.
  • Step 5
    • Create articles with right keywords and submit them to "special interest article" sites
      • the right keywords need to be in title, alt tags, picture name convention
  • Step 6
    • Create a blog, and post articles on your blog with the right keywords.
    • Find bloggers who are writing about topics of interest to your area
  • Step 7
    • Create a Twitter account in your company name, start Tweeting on special interest topic sites
      • Create backlinks in your Tweets as much as possible to your website
  • Step 8
    • Use your right keywords to develop a pay per click campaign
      • Note: this is done to get quick traffic to your site, since the other 9 steps can take some time for search engines to catch up.
  • Step 9
    • Create backlinks to your website (200 recommended by end of year): 15 per month is ideal
  • Step 10
    • Create keywords for all your subpages and repeat Steps 1-3 for each page

Tip: We can do everything above for you. If you are thinking of doing this yourself and you want to save a lot of time and mistakes, you should consider outsourcing at least these 4 things a) identification of the right keywords b) SEO copywriting and SEO Sales Messaging c) design of a blog and d) relevant backlinks. Contact us if you wish to have us create the perfect SEO Advertising campaign that contributes to your ROI marketing. In our experience there are >150 variables that make a successful SOE Advertising Campaign incorporating the steps above. So it is advisable that you outsource the work to a full services SEO web design company that keeps up with SEO tactics since SEO trends change in our experience every few months. Not to mention if 1/150 variables are done incorrectly or overseen, Google can ban your site without you knowing it - for years you might miss traffic. Let us help you with your SEO effort Contact Us!


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